Trekking – Why Travel With Destination Unlimited

All over the web, you will find million-and-one travel agencies and trekking guides. On the Internet, you get information about myriads of businesses that cater for your travel and hospitality needs during tours and hiking. However, what makes Destination Unlimited Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. your best choice? Or would you rate us with every other business? Let’s give you remarkable reasons to travel with us.

Why Travel with Us

At Destination Unlimited, trekking takes a whole new shape. We make trekking a memorable experience that combines professionalism with trust. Also, our experience makes us the best in the business, and our team is impeccable in every sense of the word.

  • OUR EXPERT TEAM: In delivering outstanding trek services, we have selected the most capable and knowledgeable hands in the tourism and hospitality industry. We are professionals who prioritize tourists’ adventure and entertainment before, during, and after tours. We cater to your choices and enable you to select the finest of tour packages. Whether young or old, we go the extra mile to guide you and provide all the needed information related to trails, mountains, heritage sites, and other destinations. Our goals are centered on delegation, cooperation, flexibility, communication, relationship, responsibility, and innovation.


  • OUR DESTINATIONS: We understand that excursions and voyages are one of the best ways to spend holidays, honeymoon, and other moments. Hence, we have selected the most interesting and fascinating destinations within Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India to mesmerize our adventurers. Our organization makes your tourism experience within South Asia as good as any elsewhere in the world. We operate from Kathmandu and design our trips to fit your holiday time. Our Everest View Trekking is one of the treks that many adults love to see, as the morning view is usually very shocking and thrilling.


  • OUR TESTIMONIALS: Seeing is believing; we agree. Until you visit and have the trekking in Nepal experience, you may never know how estimable such expedition is. All our tourists and visitors love our services. They love the friendliness and knowledge that define our team. They enjoy their tour experience and the knowledge and memories it brings them. They admit that we know our onions. AND YES, WE DO!


  • OUR FACILITIES: As far as hospitality, camping, and moving are concerned, we provide only the best. You enjoy nourishing food prepared by a professional chef and kitchen assistant, safe and convenient camping area, your knowledgeable and mature tour guide, and a mountaineer who is familiar with all the trails and destination area. If you choose the Mount Everest Flight, you are guaranteed a window seat on the aircraft. Interesting, isn’t it?


  • YOUR SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Not only do we secure you during the tour, but also keep your belongings safe and private. We uphold a standard of integrity and honor and do everything effectively to promote a secure and reliable service. More important are your details and information. None of these become public knowledge. We value your privacy and respect your humanity.


  • LEGAL CONDITIONS: Our organization is registered with the Nepal Government as a Trekking company in Nepal. Hence, you are in safe hands. Our services are hinged on mutual consent, and we stick to this devotedly. We also have affiliates who support us and make our services more appealing. Check out TripAdvisor.

In all, we believe you are now convinced about the need to choose and travel with us. Let us help you make your trekking experience one to remember. Don’t forget – life is for living. EXPLORE!