Trek in Nepal: 5 Top and Exciting Treks You Must Have in 2018

Gokyo_Valley_trek Nepal

Nothing could be more fun than allowing your adventurous spirit to bask in the beauty of the highest peaks of the world. Found in the Himalayas are mountains and trails that beckon to your feet (and eyes, of course). They invite you to marvel at the attractive sights of nature that make our world a beautiful delight. So, have you considered traveling all the way down to trek in Nepal and inhale the breathtaking wonder of the different destinations in Nepal?

The blend of cultures, flora and fauna, and unusual animals is exactly what you need to make your new year exciting. In fact, the natural sceneries and amazing people remind you of history and the colorful nature of life itself. In this post, you’ll find the most attractive treks in Nepal and find million-and-one reasons to get involved. It’s time for that voyage. Are you ready?

1.     Everest Base Camp (Popular Trek in Nepal)

Many people look forward to coming close to the almighty highest mountain – Mount Everest. This trek in Nepal brings your dream to reality as it takes you right there to that mountain with magnificent height, impressive landscape, and friendly people. Also, as you wonder through the amazing, colorful prayer flags, you’ll notice the Namche Bazaar and other numerous bridges that connect hidden monasteries. More so, the Khumbu region is one that appeals to you and allows you to revel in the fantastic view of the mountain. When you’re done with this trek, you’ll be glad you had this lifetime experience.

2.     Annapurna Base Camp

Many people love this popular trek in Nepal; hence, it’s a first-rate trek. As you enjoy the trek around the Annapurna Himalayas, you’ll get lost in the perfection of the landscapes and the diverse ethnic groups. Are you eager to see the Annapurna Sanctuary, Poon Hill, Annapurna I, and more? Not only do you encounter the dramatic desert, but also you pass through scenic villages that present dazzling mountain views before you. Likewise, within the villages, you see mountains, monasteries, temples, and other local appearances. Even the locals are cheerful as they receive you. Best tip for this trek in Nepal – don’t miss a single moment of the entire trek. See and feel everything in 7-12 days.

3.     Jomsom Muktinath Trekking

In 14 days, you get to trek through Kaligandaki all the way to the north of the Himalayan range. On this trek, you also come in contact with diversities of cultures, races, religions, and climates. It all feels so real when you arrive at the holy temple of the Muktinath. This pilgrimage site brings you nearer to Tibetan traders. Whether you return by flight or trek down the Kaligandaki Valley, this trek in Nepal is a soothing one, especially for Hindus and Buddhists.

4.     Langtang Valley Trekking

Here’s another popular trek that most adventurers look forward to during their trek in Nepal. It is the closest to the Himalayan Region, and it portrays a serene and soothing environment and atmosphere. Interestingly, it is your ideal get-away as it takes you to the valley and makes your trek memorable. So, get ready to see rhododendrons, imposing waterfalls, and other splendid areas of the Himalayas. As you approach Lama Hotel, you’ll see red pandas, monkeys, and other wildlife animals. This trek in Nepal includes a visit to the Tibetan community – people with remarkable cultures and lifestyles.

5.     Jungle Safari

If you’re out for some different type of trek in Nepal, we have a variety of jungle safari to make your expedition fun. The Chitwan Jungle Safarialso excites you with all sorts of vegetation and animals at the Chitwan National Park. In addition, you can also make it to the Bardia National Park or the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

Feel free to have fun as you go. Trekking in Nepal has never been more entertaining. Choose a trek in Nepal with us today. You’ll love every moment of it.